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    $12/hour is what Starbucks in paying in Stamford, CT, according to folks we met at SCAA. Keep in mind Stamford is one of the top five most expensive real estate markets in the nation. To illustrate the difficulty in getting min wage employees, McD's and BK bus employees 25 miles or more from the Bronx and Bridgeport.

    Our shop is in Pittsburgh. We pay on average $1.00 more than min to start because we expect more right off the bat - and we want employees to assume they're worth more than the average latte jockey. There isn't much training being done around here - we're asking you to study, practice and learn - and you're not getting much if any tip income while training.

    Once trained, you'll start earning tips. Pass the probation period and there's another small bump. If you open or close on your own, that's also worth more as are weekends. Thus we have about a $3 spread in wages between our top people and our newbies.

    Full timers do get health benefits if they want - although they're not free nor cheap (but less than if they were to get on their own), plus a week's paid vacation. Another bennie our part-timers enjoy is that any day-olds (panini, muffins, bagels, etc.) are fair game, so most eat on us when there are leftovers.

    Plus we pay for air/hotel for all competitions - this year four of us went to the regionals and three to the nationals, where one competed.

    Our top earners are clearing $14/hour on good days with tips. For around here, that's pretty liveable.

    I'll add to MuddyCup's sage advice that you can teach anyone to be a barista. You can't teach them to be nice. So start with people who treat you, your staff and your customers with respect. Then make them into stars.

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    Barista Wage

    Just remember when paying your staff there is also the ungodly taxes that need to be paid.

    I start my barista's out pretty much the same wage, unless they have really good experience (not barista experience), serving/customer service experience. Plus they interview extremely well.

    In our part of the world, the fast food chains are starting them at $7.00 p/hr plus benefits. I can't compete with that, but if they are personable and really "work" the barista position they can make a great wage.

    Muddy Cup - I never thought of teaching my staff (as part of their training) on how to plunge a toilet - thanks for the tip.



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