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    Red face This is not just a shirt, it's passion

    Hi every one , i'm Chris ,i and my family love coffee ,especially cappuccino. I designed those shirt for my family and if you wanna buy it :

    This is not just a shirt, it's passion-anh-bia-minion-hoat-hinh-de-thuong-5.jpgThis is not just a shirt, it's passion-ap_20110501081632290.jpg
    This is not just a shirt, it's passion-download-2-.jpgThis is not just a shirt, it's passion-download-3-.jpg
    Just release in United States for a limited time only. Available in various colors and styles, In sizes up to 5XL, so don't miss out and order yours before they are gone!,thanks

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    Hello Chris,

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums.

    You mentioned that you designed the shirts for your family. Does your family own

    I'm also surprised that you were able to post links and photos in your very first post to the Coffee Forum. Usually a new member needs to make several posts before that can happen.


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    How bout one that says:
    8 oz. Bushmills Single Malt
    1 oz. Coffee
    "I believe humans get a lot done, not because we're smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee." ~Flash Rosenberg

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    A little modification:
    Add 8 oz. Bushmills Single Malt to a cup:
    Wave the bag of beans over the cup

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    Just my opinion, but there are thousands of cutesy coffee phrases and sayings. I can't imagine a particular phrase related to coffee that's going to 'go viral' on a shirt like the Einstein shirt or the Che Guevara shirt for example. Maybe an origin shirt...Guatemala, Kenya, Sumatra. I'd be more apt to buy one with a nice volcanic landscape with Guatemala on it...just sayin'...



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