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    Guatemalan Coffee beans for sale in Los Angeles

    Hi Coffee lovers.

    Am base in Los Angeles I have 600 bags left from 2016 harvest for sale
    the beans comes from Guatemala Closed to Antigua
    I have single origin from the same region different farms and variety

    Red bourbon, yelllow bourbon

    for more information please contact me

    Per> 818.9642205

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    Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
    can you give our members bit more info on the beans?
    1. is this SHB? exactly from which region? ciudad vieja or chimaltenango? they both are close to Antigua.

    2. altitude?
    bean size? size 15 and up or 16 and up?
    is this single origin? if so, which farm and farm information please.

    3. do you have cupping profile information? since it is red bourbon & yellow bourbon which is single varietal, I am sure that you can provide more information on the cupping?

    4. the thing that concerns me most is that these beans are 2016 harvest which means it has been more than 15 month since the harvest which can be considered as "cosecha vieja" (old harvest beans). "old beans" cupping profile is not desirable among buyers due to old bean flavors.
    are you closing them out as "old beans" or selling them as 2017 harvest bean pricing?

    5. will you be willing to send out some samples (300 grams of green beans) to inquiring forum potential buyers for their cupping evaluation before buying?

    thanks and these information will help us to understand more about your green beans.
    have a good day.



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