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    For Sale: Kafgar Coffee Roaster Machine 15 Kg Batch Capacity


    I sell my Kafgar Coffee Roasting Machine 15 Kg Batch Capacity;

    It is new

    Payment: %50 Cash %50 Before Shipping
    Package: Wooden Case
    Warranty: 2 years

    Education Video:

    Also i share with you Kafgar 2019 Catalogue. You can see all specifications of Kafgar Coffee Roaster Machines.


    * In case of any varience of gas pressure; automatically shutting off the gas.
    * In case of any emergency; shutting of the all system by one buton
    * Digital temperature control and heat indicator.
    * Due to peep hole; roasted coffee beans can be controlled by inspection.
    * Roasted coffee beans can be checked thanks to sample taker spoon.
    * Cooler chamber: cooling by powerful fan and rotating system in chamber.
    * Audio alarm system is automatically activated when temperature reachs to adjusted level.
    * Gas breaker system leads to safety and cost saving
    * Advance heat insulation helps with energy conservation
    * Easy to operate and quite running engines.


    * For copper roasters,embossed logo on drum
    * Afterburner
    * PLC touch screen & automatic roasting experiment
    For Sale: Kafgar Coffee Roaster Machine 15 Kg Batch Capacity-64226912_2879975108686164_3006671338506027008_n.jpg

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    Hello Coffeesonar,

    Please post a message here when your roaster is sold.


    ~ Rose



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