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    FOR SALE: Probat UG22 Roaster (Used, 2006)

    For sale:

    Probat UG22 propane roaster, been in storage since 2009.
    Unsure about the original prouction date but has only had 3 years of use since its refurb in 2006.

    Was in working condition when put into storage, but think it would need some rewiring to function at this date.

    Cyclone and hopper filler included in price.

    Crating and shipping is not included, willing to discuss the price if you can pay in full.

    EURO: 35 000

    Located in Oslo, Norway at Kaffa AS Roastery.

    Email if you have any further questions or would like a video.

    FOR SALE: Probat UG22 Roaster (Used, 2006)-3304647196_093eaa853b_k.jpgFOR SALE: Probat UG22 Roaster (Used, 2006)-3304691888_f519a137b4_k.jpgFOR SALE: Probat UG22 Roaster (Used, 2006)-img_0613.jpg



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