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    FOR SALE: San Franciscan SF-6 Drum Coffee Roaster

    The San Franciscan SF6: 6 lb Drum Small Batch Coffee Roaster
    The SF6 is one of the San Franciscan Roaster Company’s most popular roasters. Due to its robust platform which roasts from 2.2 pounds (1 kg) to 6.6 pounds (3 kg) of green coffee per batch, the SF6 is perfect for cafes and coffee houses. Our special farmers market kit gives roastmasters the ability to easily transport the SF6 to farmers markets, fairs, and festivals. The kit includes Amish-made hickory cartwheels with sealed bearings, rubber tires and steel axel, propane hookup and mount, and handles. This kit can be made to fit on existing SF6 roasters as well. The SF6 is robust and attractive, earning it an international reputation as one of the best small batch coffee roasters available today.

    Quality Components and Ease of Maintenance
    At the San Franciscan Roaster Company, we strive to offer the highest quality products to roastmasters all around the world. In order to achieve this distinction, we make use of only the highest quality materials and specifically design every roaster to make cleaning and maintenance as simple as possible. The SF6, as well as all our other roasters, is made with the finest motors and bearings as well as gas and electrical components. The SF6 comes equipped with self-igniting burners and a pressure gage to monitor BTU output. Not only are all the component that makes up the SF6 of the highest quality, but they are also implemented with ease of maintenance in mind. The motors, pipes, and cooling tray are removable for easy cleaning. Our roasters are known around the world for their superb roasting characteristics, remarkable reliability, and simplicity of use.

    Combining Traditional Design With Advanced Technology
    Not only is the SF6 robust and beautiful, but it’s also highly-advanced. Just like all our other roasters, the SF6 includes temperature probes that measure bean mass and the temperature inside the drum. This information is displayed on a dual-digital meter simultaneously during the roast, providing the roastmaster with the exact knowledge they require in order to produce the best roast. Our roasters are compatible with most data-logging software for coffee roasting. The SF6 comes complete with gas pressure gauge and hot-air control, as well. It will work on either natural gas or propane.

    Choose the San Franciscan Roaster Company, Today!
    The San Franciscan Roaster Company has been building beautifully hardworking roasters for specialty coffee professionals all around the world. Every single one of our roasters is meticulously handcrafted to precise specifications. We strive to make use of the best materials available in order to create a roaster that will last a lifetime. The SF6 is the best small batch coffee roaster available today.

    Features of the San Franciscan Roaster™ Model SF-6

    • The San Franciscan Roaster is built completely in The United States of America.
    • Parts can be purchased in the USA or internationally.
    • Maintenance is easy and simple. The pipes and motors are exterior and can be taken off to clean. The cooling tray detaches for easy cleaning.
    • The chaff cyclone is in the cylinder that sets behind the roaster, making it much easier to clean.
    • With the design of our ashtray on the front of the machine, broken beans can be removed easily.
    • The roaster is automatically self-igniting and the burner is easily seen through a sight hole.
    • The roaster has RTD probes that measure the bean temperature and the environment temperature. The probes connect to a dual-digital display that shows both temperatures simultaneously during the roast.
    • A high-quality gas pressure gauge allows the user to closely monitor BTU input.
    • Our roasters are powder coated providing a very durable finish.
    • The San Franciscan Roaster and drum are hand-fabricated of 100% schedule 40 steel. This ideal material maintains excellent thermal transfer characteristics without becoming brittle over time.
    • Roasting time is 10-15 minutes depending on roast-master preference.
    • The face-plates are 1/4” steel.
    • San Franciscan roasters are fitted with well known high-quality American made motors, sprockets, bearings and other components by companies such as Baldor, Morris, Martin Bearings, Honeywell components, etc.
    • Comes complete with temperature probes for bean and environment temperatures, gas pressure gauge, and hot-air control.
    • San Franciscan Roasters are compatible with most data-logging programs and your choice of data logger can easily be built into your new roaster.

    Asking $18,000
    Local Pickup - Free
    Freight Shipping - $1,200

    Rob Schopke
    rob@schopke.comFOR SALE: San Franciscan SF-6 Drum Coffee Roaster-442b29c5-af25-41b8-9a9c-8b22213b73ab.jpegFOR SALE: San Franciscan SF-6 Drum Coffee Roaster-51abdc47-8fb4-41a0-84c5-d0a0cbee05ef.jpeg

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FOR SALE: San Franciscan SF-6 Drum Coffee Roaster-ec63abd9-5d6c-4f2a-9bfb-ba3fffd299aa.jpeg  

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    Hi Schopke,

    Please post a message here when your roaster is sold.

    Is the roaster new? How long has it been used?


    ~ Rose

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    you have included alot of useful information but no location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dchooo View Post
    you have included alot of useful information but no location.
    the roaster is located in Nampa, Idaho

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    Is this roaster still for sale?



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