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    For Sale: 25 pound Vintage Roaster

    After much work and deliberation, deciding to sell my Royal 5 Roaster. This has been flawlessly restored and airflow ugraded. The fan has been modified to allow better airflow, which was always the big problem with this brand. Any rust was sandblasted and removed. The perforated drum and agitation paddles are brand new. I am installing an orifice valve regulator this week. I will be including NG and propane orifices. The drum spins at 60 rpm and the pipe burner is new. I need to sell do to business slowdowns and keeping ourselves afloat.
    Please let me know if you are interested. I will send pictures via email. 7500 plus shipping.

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    Hello Valentia,

    Please visit this thread from time to time to give us an update, (availability, price change, etc.) and then be sure to post a message when your roaster is sold.


    ~ Rose



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