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    Home Coffee roaster

    Barwell CCR-306 Home Coffee Roaster

    Hot Air Circulation Roasting: Uniform roasting, no smoke generation, retain original coffee flavor; Simple Operation, Amazing Taste Buds: Easy to use, generally only need 5-9 minutes to complete baking.

    Timed Baking:Adjust the time, you do n’t need to take care of the whole process, just set the time according to your taste

    High heat-resistant glass, the effect of baking can be observed at any time; Detachable Accessories: The upper body can be separated and disassembled, and the bean coat is separated from the coffee beans.

    Separation of Silver Skin and Beans: The silver skin is separated from the coffee beans after roasting, and it is simple and convenient without manually removing the silver skin.

    Voltage 110V, 60Hz,1500W

    Capacity 50-100g each batch

    Roasting Time From 1-10 minutes only

    Brand: Bar Well

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    pretty click baitey if you ask me.

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    Hello JayArabica,

    Are you selling this roaster, or are you just telling us about it?

    ~ Rose



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