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    SOLD: Quest M3 + Extras

    I have a Quest M3 coffee roaster with light modification in excellent condition it comes with everything to get you started and to maintain it. Asking 1000 + Shipping(shipping from VA)

    This guy churns out some great roasts - usually going between 150-200g to get 8-10 min roasts. Can be further moded to tackle bigger roasts.

    • 2 K thermocouples only a month old
    • Amprobe 56 + usb cable for use with artisan
    • 2 OEM drums - one with no back(Original Drum), one with back w/ vents(M3S variant)
    • 2 OEM replacement burners if you want to replace (current ones work great)
    • 1 OEM replacement fan + motor if you ever need to replace (current one works great)
    • Copper tube (for that mod)
    • All hex drivers needed for taking apart for cleaning
    • Also have a additional homemade bean cooler that I can include or just include the fan and can walk you through this easy but efficient setup.
    • Vent attachment to direct exhaust air

    - Increase airflow with now restricting the air output with the vent at back. Easily to covert back with aluminum tape if you wanted to change it.
    - Additional layer of insulation under the outer layer of the roaster

    Gallery of the roaster

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    Hello rr_coffee,

    Please post a message here when your Quest M3 is sold.


    ~ Rose

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    Item has sold



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