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    For Sale: Full bag Sivetz Coffee Roaster with stepless burner and airflow control

    Operational and we can show the roaster in action for serious buyers. Includes 6ft cooling tray, loader, hopper and all ducting. This is a higher volume craft production roaster. Yield is around 350lbs/hr at altitude (5500ft). At sea level, it should produce around ~500lbs/hr and the machine will do half or full batches (30k/66lbs).

    Roast time between 8 and 13 minutes depending on coffee and batch size (66 - 132lbs).

    This roaster has a number of modifications to control the process including full stepless burner adjustments and a damper system to control airflow. Multiple thermocouples w/ digital displays, separate roaster/loader/cooler fans for continuous operation and many other features. This was our production roaster for many years, but we have installed a new machine recently and would like to find a great home for this amazing machine.

    $79k or near offer.

    Get in touch here if interested. Thanks!
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    the Sivetz is an amazing machine.
    good luck selling it.
    Does yours load with a vacuum tube?

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    Hi makay,

    Please post a message here when your Sivetz Roaster is sold.


    ~ Rose

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    Hey there, it is a remarkable machine. This one was our daily roaster for over 25 years... It does have a complete green bean hopper and vacuum loader that functions separately from the roaster/cooler.



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