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    As he put it, its lost art because we are so damn busy everyday and can't really appreciate some kindness in our life.....

    I also like Eldubs point... I see too many people with frowns on their faces.... They are never polite..... give me this, give me that, or when you say hi, they simply look at your like you are out of your mind.... Its hard to put smile on their face unless you give them something for free ..... like..... " how about chocolate chip cookie to go with your coffee?"

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    If I gave away a free cookie to everyone who had a grumpy look, we'd be out of cookies before noon every day.

    I try to avoid asking people "how are you today" because it's an open invitation for a long, drawn-out response.

    I've noticed that a (well meant) compliment goes a long way to brighten someone's day.


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    Yes I do smile and say hello or good morning as I'm walking by people. My belief is that someone may need a smile or a kind word. It may piss a few people(I use to be that person haha). Honestly i think its any funnier when they get pissed ha ha.

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    Why I think the way I do...

    I work in a coffee shop (yup still here) and as Rose said it gets tiresome when you constantly have to greet people and even in a bad mood put the so called "game face" on. When I am sitting here on a day off or after my shift I do not really want to engage in conversation. It would be a little weird to have a perfect stranger come up and introduce himself/herself. Honestly the ones that do that around here are trying to hit on me usually. In today's world people are way too busy living their own life and yes conversation and courtesy are pretty much non-existent anymore, but we do have to realize that they have their own things going on and not to take it personally. Honestly there are days I don't want to be "nice" but at work I am after that it's kind of like "leave me alone" attitude sets in.

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    All in all.. I commend someone who is brave enough to put themselves out there and just be a nice person to people no matter what the reaction. Good for you! Sometimes all it takes is a smile.

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    lolz! say what?


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