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    Coffee as a Health Drink?

    I never thought of coffee as being a health drink but at a party the other day, someone mentioned it can be a highly beneficial drink.

    Most of us probably know that coffee reduces the risk of several serious ailments, including diabetes, heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver.

    I just love my 3 cups a day. How about you? Do you think of it as a health drink?

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    I do not believe most of researchers anymore. I guess you can get any results depends on who is supporting the study.
    However, if I like it and my doctor can't seem to find anything wrong cause by coffee, I will continue to drink this dark and lovelies.

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    1 or 2 cups is ok anymore than that isn't good but then again to much of anything is no good.

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    i believe coffee has its perks when taken in moderation. usually, its bad effects, just like other things, come if consumed more than what your body can take.


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    There have been conflicting ideas whether coffee can be considered as health drink. But try to observe those coffee drinkers if they are suffering from illness. It is not usually thought that coffee as health food, but so far in most studies conducted, they suggest that coffee can be highly beneficial drink. It has been proven with strong evidence that it reduces serious ailments such as diabetes, heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver.

    What is advice is to drink coffee in moderation every day. Just avoid coffee with more sugar and other added ingredients having much of calories.

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    Yeah, "Health Food" is a bit too much. There is research pointing to plenty of good and bad effects of coffee. For me personally, I can't drink it everday (unless it's just one small cup) without noticing mood swings kick in. I usually drink coffee 4 days a week, tea the other 3. If I get on a coffee kick for a week straight, I find that I NEED the coffee every morning, and that outside of the high it delivers in the morning, I can then actually feel a bit depressed the rest of the time. Since I've never had any issues with depression, it kinda made me laugh when I figured it out... like my body was just warning me to take it easy on the coffee front! Honestly, if it weren't for that, I'd probably drink it everyday because of course I LOVE IT!

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    It is a health drink in that I can't wait for morning to roll around. It's like owning a dog, very rewarding. I'm serious.

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    I personally suggest people drink 2 cups of coffee everyday. Neither more than that nor less than that. It was experimented in early 2012, according to which, it was concluded that people who drink one to two cups of coffee everyday have lower risk of getting heart related diseases in the future than those people who don't drink coffee at all..

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    Coffee can:
    > Improve our energy levels and it makes us smarter
    > Can help us to burn our fat
    > Improve our physical performance
    > Give essential nutrients to our body
    > Lower the risk of type II Diabetes
    > Protect us from alzheimer’s disease and dementia (especially from our parents and grandparents)
    > Lower the risk of parkinson’s disease
    > Have protective effects on the liver
    > Fight depression and make you happier
    > Lower the risk of some types of cancer
    > Lower the risk of stroke
    > Help live longer
    > Give the biggest source of antioxidants in the Western Diet

    Hope it will help
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