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    Quote Originally Posted by Stennett View Post
    Indeed! a cup of coffee is enough but for me death wish coffee is the strongest one because it has more caffeine.

    Ya you are right. Death wish is consider as the world's strongest coffee.
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    Strongest coffee you say, i bet you have never herd of it before have a look at it!
    www .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redtea View Post
    People say one cup of coffee a day keeps the idiots away, at least until the caffeine has subsided haha. Anyone care to share any insight on how many cups of joe people should take in order to stay awake and focused for the whole entire day? I'm working on so many projects, theres just not enough hours in a day

    Strong how? Caffeine? Robusta... Potent taste, I'd recommend a Robusta/Kenya blend ground at a Turkish grind (Fine as flour) put into an espresso machine one shot at a time until you get a cup. Drink that and YOU'll KNOW IT.


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