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    Could you just make regular coffee? Instant coffee is usually pretty bad, can't imagine boiling it either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markkislich View Post
    Sure, but maybe not the one with acrylamides in it... that's what I'm trying to figure out, see? Would boiling the SHTUFF out of coffee increase/create carcinogens? I think it's very possible, though I don't know...
    Acrylamides are created upon very high heating, like roasting, frying, toasting, but not boiling. The instant is already "screwed", so boiling it won't fix it, won't wash it out of acrylamides.

    PS.: both instant and good quality coffee have acrylamides, but instant much more as it is... anyway.... almost burnt rather than just roasted. Boiling things will not provide the same process upon you get the acrylamides because of the presence of water. Acrylamides are also on potato chips and all sort of industrial food that is heated/roasted.
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