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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulla View Post
    Coffee raises my blood pressure in the morning and sometimes, if my blood pressure is too high I feel anxiety and become more irritable.
    I would not advise you to drink a lot of coffee if you have hypertension (often high blood pressure). Hypertension can lead to serious health problems.
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    doctors usually advice patients with anxiety to stop drinking coffee

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    This might sound dumb but I had a girl that was like that and would get severe anxiety from coffee, but loved it. The solution I found...Tiny cups. Seriously. I got her a cup that was basically for a 3 oz shot. She loved it because she sipped it felt like she was drinking a real cup but she obviously only took a bit of coffee. Since anxiety is very mind based, well, her knowing that the cup she was holding was tiny solved it in her mind. Problem solved, girl happy, me happy.

    And yes, weed is great to drink coffee with. You can feel them working against each other.


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