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    Caffeine doesn't work at all anymore even after 2-3 weeks

    Ive taken coffee and caffeinated products for years for going to the gym. I would go on caffeine breaks for at least 2 weeks every month. Normally I would switch from drinking coffee 2x a week to 4x a week with the exception of mid terms and final exams, i go on a week or two long binge. Recently I found that even after a couple weeks without caffeine I do get energy but it isn't "new". I haven't felt like the first time I've had caffeine when I would take my regular caffeine breaks. I also don't get any withdrawal symptoms anymore from going cold turkey, I don't feel any different even after i stop drinking coffee or any other caffeinated drinks.

    Anyone have any similar experiences?

    I'd like to finally get to that point again were a coffee gives me that wired focus and energy again.
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