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    Quote Originally Posted by nateboussad View Post
    This is something very interesting to consider, if you are one who supplements excessive amounts of caffeine. I was recently reading the work of some prolific medical doctors, who have a book titled: "The Testosterone Syndrome: Reversing Male Menopause," by Eugene Shippen. There is plenty of scientific evidence that supports the fact that diuretics drastically reduce the presence of zinc in the body. It was found that when the levels of zinc in the male body were depleted, the presence of aromatase enzyme increased. As many know, this bad boy is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. These doctors discovered that when treating these men, who were usually on diuretics for various reasons, supplementing zinc proved to bring their testosterone levels back to normal (I think it was from 250 ng/L too something like 500 ng/L). 9Apps Vidmate APK Cartoon HD
    Then I am in big, big trouble.

    Seriously, that is an excellent book. I think the point is really about zinc, though, and not so much about caffeine. If a man wants his zinc intake to remain optimal, he has to supplement it, period. It's now just a question of potency and yeah you may need more if you use diruetics.

    I really admire him for sticking his neck out and making the case that testosterone is not just a sex and bodybuilding's fundamental to a man's health at any age; cardiovascular, cognitive, sexual, physical. That book paved the way. Nowadays you can actually go out and without too much effort find a doctor who will do a blood test and prescribe test replacement for regular middle aged guys who just want to be healthy. That wasn't the case at all 10-15 years ago, when most doctors wouldnt take requests like that seriously.
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    Definitely increases the level, but not much. Recently, scientific articles looked at this.

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    I also don't think so...where did u find it? any reference

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    Too much of the jittery juice increases cortisol, which decreases testosterone. Moreover, consuming caffeine late in the day hurts sleep, which lowers testosterone production. But one recent study indicate that caffeine consumed before working out may improve testosterone levels and help you exercise more efficiently.

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    Testosterone is a vital sex hormone that boosts muscle formation, facial hair and genital development. In an effort to avoid substances that may decrease testosterone, some athletes and bodybuilders shun caffeine, but it appears that caffeine may actually increase testosterone. Caffeine doesn't come without side effects, however, so it shouldn't be used to excess or to treat severe testosterone imbalances.


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