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    Funny and interesting Caffeine contents :+)

    here are some info about caffeine contents.

    Espresso shot (single) : 35 to 59 milligrams (if the shop used a lot of good robusta for crema, the caffeine will be close to 59. some shops only use Arabica, then 35)

    BTW, cup of tea also has caffeine : about 40

    I love chocolate. Hersey's chocolate bar (1.5 oz) has about 9 milligrams of caffeine. that is regular milk chocolate. for dark chocolate? same size? whopping 30 grams (almost same as a can of coke)

    8 oz of regular coffee : 85 to 110 (lighter roasted bean has more caffeine and darker ones. yes, opposite of chocolate)

    How about entire coffee plant? : about 6000 milligrams

    then, a 150 lbs bag of coffee ? about 510,000 milligrams (yes, I have calculated this, believe it or not)

    let's go bit further on this. how about coffee filled into my car's trunk? I have a Hyundai Genesis. it has a huge trunk.
    : approx. .... 2,840,544 milligrams.. yes, this is approximate figure :+)

    I am now watching US Open Tennis. (avid tennis fan).. then, how about Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium (with roof closed)..... okay okay.... I need some more time... I will get back to you about same time next year. LOL

    have a good day, everyone.

    Funny and interesting Caffeine contents :+)-image.jpg

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    i did not know there's coffee contest exist!



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