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    Check out your local roaster and see if they carry a Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee. I have cupped many decaf's and found some to be very tasty.
    I never heard of it.

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    we will only use Swiss water process decaf. It cost about $1 more a lb but it's worth it. I think that Methyl Choride burns off at 140 degrees F(don't quote me). I don't want to breath that water is chemical free. They also have improved their process over the years. When I first used it the coffee was almost black before you roasted it. Made it hard to roast. You would have to bring to where the oil just strated to appear to know it was done. Now the coffee is almost as green as normal coffee meaning you can roast it lighter. Years ago I was watching a show where people were dying in a prison. The cause turned out to be methyl chloride poisoning. The roaster I was using was built in 1886 and smoked like crazy. I called the company I was buying the decaf from and voiced my concerns on breathing in the fumes of the decaf..they said all smoke is bad for you and left it at that. I switched to SWP then...that was 20 years ago.
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
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    Decaf still has a little caffeine in it I believe. I don't think the process removes all of it.


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