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    Lightbulb Has anyone tried quitting caffeine/coffee? How does it feel

    Okay, i am someone who drink at least 2 cup of coffee everyday. However, after reading certain natural cleansing articles, i'm thinking to stop for few weeks. So is there any side-effect. I googled about it but all i can find was that you can have anything from a headache to severe fever. That's why i need some first-hand tips. please let me know if anyone of the member has tried it.

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    Coffee itself is cleansing. Seriously. It has an enzyme in it that is a laxative. If you stop drinking caffeinated coffee you will get a headache; the severity depends on your daily coffee consumption. If you are a heavy drinker you will get headaches that may even wake you from a sleep. That has happened to me.

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    I like coffee and wish I could drink it all day long. As it is I limit myself to 16 oz each morning. I also like iced tea in the summer. Typically I'll get a bad headache when I quit caffeine. I did quit caffeine a month ago to start a 10 day water only fast. I quit the coffee two days before the fast. I do believe the reason I did not get a headache this time was because I was not taking a lot of caffeine in before I quit. I agree 100% with the above "The severity depends on your daily coffee consumption".

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    It si really dangerous.stop that.

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    I went caffeine free about three years ago for health reasons. I used to drink a ridiculous amount of coffee say about 12 cups a day. I did get a headache that lasted for a day or so but it was not that bad. To be honest it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.



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