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    Exclamation COFFEE EXPOSED : 5 Benefits of drinking coffee

    we all know the ability of coffee to stimulate us on waking or fatigue, but coffee has many more health benefits than you probably do not know, and we'll discover them right now.
    Number one coffee is very rich in antioxidants, coffee is known for its high content of antioxidants that outnumber fruits and vegetables

    Number two, coffee protects the liver, coffee protects the colon cancer and the liver from alcoholic cirrhosis, indeed a study published in the archives of internal medicine suggests that coffee protects the liver and thus reduces the risk of cirrhosis, and it is recomended for people who drink a lot of alcohol

    Number 3 coffee increases the feeling of well-being : the US National Institute of Health has shown through a study that people who consume coffee in a moderate way reduce by 10% the risk of suffering from depression or having negative emotions.

    Number 4 coffee helps maintain brain health, the antioxidants it contains and its essential nutrients decreases the risk of having degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer or dementia plus caffeine improves visual perception and has a beneficial effect on headaches.

    Number 5 The coffee grounds prove its virtues in beauty : Coffee grounds is a great complement to fight against cellulite and the accumulation of dead cells, you must massage the problem areas to see the result, caffeine applied directly on the skin promotes blood circulation and decreases the appearance of wrinkles and tasks.

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    coffee is best no doubt !!

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    Frankenstein : I'm Alive! I'm Alive. The benefit # 6.



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