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    Things You Need to Tell the Doctor Before Starting on Sildamax

    People suffering from ED medicines may benefit from consulting a doctor. It is best to inform your doctor about the following before starting on the Sildamax medicine. A doctor needs to be well informed before he can prescribe the right medicine to tackle with your health issues. Here are things to inform your doctor:

    Inform the Doctor About Any Existing Health Conditions

    Doctors need to be well-informed before they can prescribe ED medicines to you. This is the reason you should tell your doctor about any existing health conditions before he starts you on Sildamax for erectile dysfunction issues. Telling him about the following is essential:

    • Inform your doctor if you have suffered from depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts in the past.
    • Inform your doctor if you have any existing digestive health problems.
    • Tell him about kidney stones, urinary infection or other problems you have faced in the past.
    • Tell him if you have any kind of skin allergies.

    Tell Him About Medicines You Are Taking

    Medicines can interact with other medicines you are taking. It is vital that you inform your doctor about medicines you are using. He will then be able to make sure that Sildamax does not interact with any of those medicines. If it does, the doctor may consider prescribing other ED medicines instead.

    Tell Him About Food or Medicine Allergies You Had in the Past

    Make it a point to tell your doctor about past food and medicine allergies. He will verify that Sildamax wonít cause any such adverse effects. This will ensure completely safety while using Sildamax medicine.

    Inform Him About Hereditary Health Issues in the Family

    A doctor needs to be informed about hereditary health issues in the family. Tell him if you have a family history of diabetes, asthma, hypertension or cardiovascular health issues. This will help him decide whether to prescribe Sildamax to you or not. The doctor will prescribe Sildamax to you only if it shows more benefits than adverse effects.

    Inform the Doctor About Any Poor Health Habits You Have

    Most men have certain poor health habits. These could be resulting in health issues. It is important that you tell your doctor about the poor health habits. Here are some examples:

    • Inform him about addictions like smoking or drinking.
    • Inform him about your sleep regime.
    • Tell him if you are used to unhealthy and junk foods.
    • Tell him if you lead a sedentary lifestyle with very little exercise.
    • Tell him if you have an extremely stressful work life.

    Doctors evaluate these factors and suggest changes that may help revive potency. They will prescribe Sildamax 100mg only when the measures suggested do not show the desired effect. Since impotency issues affect a manís morale, it is important to manage it. Simply medicine may not always help. Sometimes, you may have to consider counselling, yoga and meditation. Regular exercise can also help to keep your body fit. All these factors eventually contribute to a great love life.

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