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    Coffee minus smoking equals migraine?


    I''ve searched the ''Net and been unable to find any reference to this, though a couple of people I''ve spoken with have stated they''ve noticed the same thing.

    My Mom quit smoking going on twenty years ago, after having smoked (moderately heavy) for over thirty years. About six months after she quit smoking, she started getting an odd type of migraine headache from drinking coffee. Whatever the cause is, it''s specific to coffee, not caffeine, as she can drink any other form of caffinated beverage, take medications with caffeine, etc. with no ill effects. Type of coffee doesn''t matter, whether it''s fresh or instant, or some other food or drink made with coffee.

    She''s always gotten migraines, pretty much at random, but they''ve usually started out with the common effect of first sight gets modified (cracked glass or blobs of colour) then the headache comes on. With coffee, however, it starts out as severe dizziness for ten to twenty minutes before the headache, and the dizziness continues until the headache dissipates a few hours later. Any more than a mouthfull of coffee or anything made with coffee will cause this.

    She still loves the smell and taste of coffee and finds it very frustrating that she can''t have it--when she gets a regular migraine headache, she''ll usually have a cup of coffee to enjoy, since she has the pain already anyway.

    Has anyone else, here, encountered something similar or have any suggestions? The doctors that Mom has spoken with about this over the years are at a loss, beyond recommending that she simply avoid coffee.


    --- Eugen.

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    I remember someone told me once that when they quit smoking they had to quit drinking coffee too since they were so accustomed to having the two together. Maybe thats why your mom has been experiencing migraines when she has coffee? That would make sense. So maybe its a psychological connection? Has she tried having maybe small amounts of coffee and seeing if she still gets a headache. And then gradually increasing that?

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    Hey electro,
    I am happy to know that your mom had quit smoking after such a long time. Regarding her migrane pains, I can tell that after smoking for such a long time, her body immunity power has shrinked considerably. So with a little consumption of caffeein(through coffee) , she is suffering. I advice to consult a sinus specialist for her.Till then she must be kept restricted from coffee

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    Hmmm... sinuses. I never thought of that. Thanks. (I get bad sinus colds and quite often they're accompanied by bad headaches, but I've never asked if she gets any other sort of seemingly unconnected reaction with coffee.)

    I keep encouraging her to try small amounts of coffee (start with just a sip every day and work her way up), but I guess she just doesn't think it's worth the effort until she gets a serous craving once in a while.

    Thank you for your suggestions.



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