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    Caffeine Health-Tulsa Women's Health Care

    Skip the flu shot? No more coffee? I can't have sex? These are just three of the top 10 pregnancy myths we address here at Tulsa Women's Health Care.
    1. Myth: Skip the flu shot.
    Fact: Just the opposite! The flu vaccination is very important. Some worry that the vaccine may give them the flu or that the ingredients could hurt their unborn baby. The vaccine does NOT contain a live virus. Therefore, the flu injection wonít give you the flu, nor is there any evidence that the vaccine can harm the fetus. Also, pregnancy weakens a womanís immune system, making her more vulnerable to getting a severe case of the flu. Most important, your baby is passively immunized through your vaccine and is therefore protected at birth. So get your flu vaccine! Do stay away from the nasal spray, however. It contains a live, weakened virus.
    2. Myth: Youíre eating for two.
    Fact: Seconds? Not so fast! Yes, you are eating for two, but not for two adults! A woman at an average weight needs only 300 additional calories per day to properly support her babyís growth. A 25-35 pound weight gain is normal for someone who is already at a healthy weight. The pregnancy itself is 12 pounds at term, so the recommendation is so that
    3. Myth: Avoid hair dyes.
    Fact: No need to rock the roots! Experts say chemicals from hair dye, permanents and relaxers are absorbed through the skin only in minimal amounts and arenít harmful. The strong odors, however, can cause pregnant women to become nauseous, so make sure the area is well- ventilated.
    4. Myth: Caffeine is a no-no.

    Fact: Iíll have a triple venti, two-pump mocha, non-fat, no-whip, no-foam! Many pregnant women are often warned to give up caffeine because it might cause miscarriage, preterm birth or low birth weight. But the case against caffeine isnít strong. Now donít go for the triple shot like Dr. Nilson! For our pregnant patients, we recommend sticking to 200 mg of caffeine (the equivalent of a 12 oz cup of coffee) or less per day.

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    awesome sounds like a winner



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