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Thread: Upset Stomach

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    Upset Stomach

    So, my stomach generally is not the perfect kind. Every once in a while, I get my stomach upset and then I have to take something herbal which (in the majority of cases) cures it and I become fine. Under such circumstances, can I drink coffee? At the moment, I though just restrict myself to a couple of mugs of coffee everyday. Please share your views with me !!!!!

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    Well coffee induces gall-flow, which is a good thing mostly.
    But, if that tummy is right upset, I'd lay off for a bit until better, to be sure.
    IMO the upset stomach thing folks get from coffee is mainly from the heavy metals, coming form all the crop spray and chemical fertilizers.
    Always organic is what I say!

    Good Luck,


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    i can say that coffee is good for that purpose but what you are telling that you get this problem after some time than you need to take it again and again which isn't really good.Take something which is completely herbal and has no side-effects.
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    I have a pretty weak stomach as well but coffee seams to not have an adverse affect on it. You every try Papaya chewable tablets?



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