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    Pour over recommendations?

    i just started making pourover and drinking coffee. but the only coffee i can look at is what the coffee house where i learned pour over carries, which they bring themselves in. which is not bad at all but i do want to branch out. anybody have any recommendations at all? also the coffee house i go to is (dont let me link till 5 posts) if anybody is interested in knowing. also does it matter what kind of coffee being used? is there a better brand or something for pour over?

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    Hey Ricpac,
    The brand shouldn't matter, although I would recommend buying fresh roasted whole beans and grinding for each brew. I find light/medium roast do really well in pour overs. With dark roast you filter out most oils/flavors. I like Africans, always a nice clean, sweet, bright cup.
    Good luck, keep experimenting.

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    cool thanks, my only problem is i find most online brewers dont post their roast date which puts me off.

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    Any reputable roaster who ships will roast to order, so either it has just been fresh roasted or they will roast on scheduled days of the week and bag and ship same day.

    Brand/Quality of coffee matters.

    In order of importance.

    1) Quality of coffee

    2) Quality of grinder

    3) experience of person making said coffee

    4) Type of brewing methodology used
    John Piquet
    caffe d'bolla
    Salt Lake City, UT



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