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    High Caffeine Coffee????

    From my research I have found: Robusta Beans= Higher Caffeine and Cheaper Price but lower quality. This sounds like my dream come true minus the low quality. But my problem is, I CANT FIND ANY INFO ON BRANDS THAT USE ONLY ROBUSTA BEANS, other than nasty overly processed instant coffee. These robsuta beans sound like my best of both worlds (I like strong coffee so bitterness doesn't bother me much) but i cant find them! Can someone please point me to a coffee brand that has really high caffeine content!? (other than the expensive "deathwish" coffee)

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    Why look for coffee that has higher caffeine and tastes bitter when all you need to do is have a couple cups of good coffee, and you'll still get the same amount of caffeine in your system and you'll enjoy it more?

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    Robusta Bean has high caffeine, but tastes very bitter. So don't have many coffee brand sell it. You can find many another kind mix Arabica and Robusta that is better than only Robusta.

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    Just try and search for a nice seller of straight robusta beans.



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