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Thread: Coffee Fruit

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    Coffee Fruit

    I found this article very interesting, so I thought I would share it.

    Discover Coffee Fruit, Nature's Wasted Superfood :: Food :: Features :: Paste

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    I checked out the article. very interesting article.
    I have always thought that there got to be some good use for the pulpas (coffee cherries without the beans). Whenever I go on the coffee field, I love to pick the ripe cherries and taste the raw beans. Actually, I am just sucking the mucilage off the beans to check the sweetness of the beans.

    anyway, below are some remarks from the article JJJ mentioned. (you should read the whole thing if you have chance)
    #### are my remarks.

    To benefit from coffee fruit’s unique combination of phytonutrients, a person must ingest both the outer fruit and the bean
    ### unless you really grind the beans to power, it will be difficult to eat. But after drying the pulpa (outer fruit) and the beans, perhaps you can grind them together to make some kind of super power out of it? any thoughts? ####

    “Coffee fruit is hand-picked on coffee farms––as it has been done for over 1,000 years–and it is known by the farmers that the fruit is rejuvenating…and those who pick it have younger looking hands,” she explains. “This is because the fruit is high in polyphenol compounds: proanthocyanidins, chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, ferulic acid and caffeic acid. The fruit has been found to be higher in antioxidants than tea, vitamin C and E, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and pomegranate.”
    ### I do not know that there are all kind of "goodies" in coffee fruits and beans. (probably there are since this "she" can be some sort of scientist or experts. but about Coffee picker's hands looking younger?????? I have seen the hands and and shake their hands million times. I highly doubt what she claims is a truth.####

    Because coffee cherry skins ruin the taste of coffee, farmers have always thrown them away, putting them back into the ground to fertilize the soil.
    ### yes, absolutely true. this is the cheap way of fertilizing the soil. and also they can claim it as "organic". but mostly farmers to that because this is the cheapest way, rather than buying expensive chemical fertilizers ####

    If only you had access to acres worth of coffee plants–or at least a few products to help you savor the skins. Enter Coffeeberry, who’ve created a line of powders and concentrates that use both the fruit and the bean. Their products aren’t just use for drinks by consumers, but also infused into energy drinks, tonics, instant coffees, enhanced waters and meal replacements by other businesses. For them, it’s not just about the drink itself, it’s about telling the whole coffee story of delivering a healthy, non-roasted “coffee as nature originally intended”: as a fruit
    ### not sure how much of Coffeeberry is just marketing or real truth. but it is an interesting concept and marketing idea ####

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    Alex, thanks for your follow up comments. Especially from someone who has first hand experience,



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