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    Coffee Masters beans

    Has anyone ever used any Coffee Masters beans? I found Creme Brulee' flavor on - they have a lot of good coffee beans and accessories. Anyone know anything?

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    i am a "coffee master"... will i be expelled from this forum for admitting to working at starbucks?... i realize this has nothing to do with the post. but i have heard of coffee masters beans on

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    Haven't heard of anyone being kicked off for working for starbux. So what did you have to do to become a coffee master in starbux eyes?
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
    Ken Hutchinson, Starsky and Hutch

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    I realize this is kind of late in the game, but I just had to reply. While I was looking for coffee to carry in my shop, a rep compared Coffee Masters to goat piss....... It seems that Coffee Masters is everywhere-have you considered a Seattle base coffee or from an area that not everyone has??

    I carry Chauvin, which has been roasters since 1930 and is located in St. Louis MO--after sampling so many it was between a Seattle Roaster and Chauvin-we cxhose Chauvin. Their coffee is absolutely wonderful and the espresso oro--AWESOME!! I do not regret this decision and my customers have cxommented on how nice it is to have a change of pace. Just a thought and good luck in your venture!!



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