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    Ethiopian Sidamo Roasted Beans - Non-uniform color


    I recently bought roasted Ethiopian Sidamo beans (Natural processed) from my local roastery. I have not seen many roasted Sidamos before but what I noticed on this batch is the bean colors vary a lot, no uniformity at all. There are roasted beans in the batch that are almost white/light yellow. Now, I had heard that when roasting some of the African beans, there might be color variety as the coffee beans might come to the cooperative from a wide region, different farms with different bean profiles, however, what I observe on my newly purchased roast Sidamo beans is that almost each bean has a different color. When I measure the agtron color by Lighttells, it gives me 80!!! Some of the beans are so light colour, in normal circumstances, I would call them quakers maybe, but I normally see just a few quakers with other coffees, sometimes none. This Sidamo has more than 50% very light colour.

    I then brew the coffee with Chemex and on the 2nd attempt, with a ratio of 24 grams grind / 440 ml water, I managed to achive a 1.23 TDS. Taste wise, the coffee was slightly sour, also some bitterness.

    What I wonder is, is the non-uniform color (see the picture, in particular the upper right corner) of roasted Sidamo beans common? Any help and additional info on Sidamos would be much appreciated.

    ArdaEthiopian Sidamo Roasted Beans - Non-uniform color-img_3220.jpg



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