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    Coffee stays extremely fresh after being ground for a maximum of 7 days. the next 7 days is only fresh, and after that you can't call it fresh just call it coffee. and after the 3 month period its just stale.

    It typically takes 7 days for coffee to lose 10% of its POWER/FLAVOR/Oils.

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    Assuming we are talking whole bean roasted coffee... I find coffee is best within 2 weeks of roast. After 4-6 weeks it starts losing flavors... It all depends on the coffee, storage and roast level.

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    shouldnt coffee last long if kept in the right conditions? cool dry and away fro direct sunlight or heat should be able to prologn the lifespan of the beans. and do the beans taste better if you longer like wine?

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    I am trying to find out if I'm doing something incorrect of if it is the nature of roasted coffee beans:

    I buy a bag of Starbucks medium roasted Guatemalan coffee and divide it into approximately 3 pint Mason jars that are sealed with standard screw tops.

    The first jar or two have a great aromatic flavor, but by the third so much has been lost. Of importance is that I just drink one cup per day (22 mg of beans freshly ground).

    Am I doing something incorrectly?

    I use to buy Costco coffee beans, but that was way more than I could consume in a reasonable time.


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    To start with Starbucks does not have a "roasted on date" so you have no idea when it was roasted. Coffee is at it's best the first three weeks or so off roast and some may say that's to old.

    I would suggest trying to find another place to buy coffee beans and make sure they put a roasted on date and is no more than a week off roast. If you've never had coffee that has just been roasted I will warn you now, it is hard to go back to store bought.

    I use little jars myself but I know they don't seal as good as the bag my beans come in so I only fill one jar and keep the rest in the bag it came in until I need to fill the jar again. The idea here is not to open the bag every time I make a cup.

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    Roasting coffee beans into perfection requires a special skill. When you think of everything in your cup of coffee, the richness, and the aroma, you will appreciate the wonderful art of coffee roasting.

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    I tried it just now and I think it's sinking fast, so I binned it. I've been researching types of coffee from different countries and making notes. Yes, I'm a bit of a nerd..... getting curious about coffee beans from Sumatra and Java.....


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