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    Looking for best place for coffee beans

    would you recommend Brazil? Colombia?

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    Generally speaking, Colombia produces BETTER coffee than Brazil. Generally....

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    Ethiopians are generally known as the 'best' (bit of a loaded statement)... every country has great coffees and bad coffees. It really depends on the type you like...each has its own flavor profiles.

    A decent generalization:
    What Do Coffees from the Major Growing Regions Taste Like? | Serious Eats

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    The answer cannot be a generalised one as it depends on ones own tastes and preferences. One of the best place where you get coffee is in India and to be specific it is in Karnataka. You get best variety of Arabic Beans like Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold, Robusta Beans Plantation AAA and Peaberry (Both Arabica and Peaberry). Mercurian series has got one of the best mix of roasted coffee beans. You can choose depending upon your choices and preferences. Do visit This is currently available for Indian online shoppers.



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