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    Quote Originally Posted by ensoluna View Post
    hey dan, if you know any online web or local distributor who is selling good central & south americans around $4 per pound, can you post some information of those companies? so far, I wasn't not able to find any good beans around $4 range.

    Check out Bodhi Leaf's list pf green coffees. The Brazils are just starting to come in. He has some Cerrado at 3.81, and a couple of newly arrived naturals at 4.49. One of the is from Fazenda Santa Ines, who I've had some terrific pulp naturals from, and the other a yellow bourbon from fazenda Sertao.

    Six Colombians ranging from 4.11- 4.76. Haven't tried any of his Colombians yet but been meaning too.

    He has 7 Costa Ricans, most in the $6-7 range, but the Comunidad Santa Cruz, a $5.06 caturra, sounds promising.

    14 El Salvadors in the $5-6 range as well as El Salvador SHD EP for $3.74.

    22 Guatemalans, of which 4 are under $5. I've gotten a coiuple I liked real well in that price range in the past.

    11 Honduras coffees at $4.60.

    6 Mexicans at $4.20 - $4.26.

    16 Nicaraguans, 3 under $5. I just finished a pound of the $3.83 SHG from Limoncillo farm; I thought it was great every day coffee!

    An organic Peru at $4.69/

    None of his Panamanians are under $5.71, but the Finca Santa Teresas I've had, both honey and washed, were well worth it I thought.

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    Hey I don't know where you are from. If you are from USA then I have good news for you I have a coupon code for an online coffee mug store coffee and much more coffeeandmuchmore[dot]com visit site and enter coupon code ILOVECOFFEE you will get like 20% discount. There mugs are just super awesome and built quality is ok. I have most of my mug collection from coffee and much more store. Hope you will find one good for your collection
    Quote Originally Posted by texh View Post
    my budget is abit tight but i wanted to order some greens from happymug because they are the cheapest i can find and have a pretty decent collection.. so i was wondering if anyone has any discount coupon or atleast free shipping coupon i can use. need to keep it under $50 for 1lb x 10 varieties of my choosing.. please reply or PM me the code if anyone has it.



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