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    Advise Please: Want to buy wholesale green beans from Brazil/Minas Gerais

    Hey! So I've been doing home roasting for awhile and am now launching into creating a small business to start selling online. I was just wondering what are some reputable sites to buy wholesale? I'm also located in Portland Oregon so am trying to see if I can find a local business that has good prices on wholesale green coffee beans. I'm most interested in beans from Brazil, specifically from Minas Gerais. I'm really interested in a specific farm but it seems pretty hard to track down online. Anyways any suggestions on wholesale green coffee beans are appreciated! I was also wondering if there were any recommendations on packaging? I've been looking at options from Roastar but am open to others.

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    Hi, I know this post was in 2018.. But I wonder if you are still on the same line of business? I am new to this forum and also I just started bringing specialty coffee beans from Minas Gerais. The lot I will be receiving is rated at 88 points. If interested please contact me.



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