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    Advise Please: "Best" French Roasted Coffee Beans in Manhattan and Brooklyn

    I am going to be in NYC (staying in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) for a week in September 2018. I would like to buy some French roasted coffee beans to take home to Denmark, where this coffee does not exist.

    Please recommend a good retail roaster or outlet for this. I see many on the net, but it's hard to evaluate the quality. Price and quality are not always related.


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    Sorry. I don't know that area. I would check Yelp or a forum local to the area for people familiar with roasters there.

    The French roast will probably not be that unusual. You probably know a dark roast by another name.

    In Manhattan, if you order a "Danish" you will get a pastry.

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    I am not a dark roast/french roast guy BUT if you are staying in Williamsburg I would go to Devocion & Oslo. I'm sure they both have dark/french roast shades.

    NYC has TONS as well as other parts of BK enjoy your time in NY, and let us know what you end up with and how you like them.



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