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    So I got my first shipment from Coffee Angel. Here are my thoughts

    Hey guys and gals! I got my first batch of tastings from Coffee Angel. I have only tried the one so far and I would say it is decent. My issue is the roast date. On their website, they say they ship within a week of roasting but I just got mine yesterday with a roast date of 09/2 As of tomorrow that is a month out. I had to grind the beans super fine to get the correct brew from my espresso machine. So far, on the first tasting, it was just your average dark roast. Nothing fancy or over the top. I am hoping to be more surprised by the remaining 3 tastings. I will keep you all updated!

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    I would contact them. If they say they ship out within a week they should send you another bag. Just my opinion. I ship out within 24 hours of the order placement(business days that is) and do not hold roasted stock. Freshness is so important! Let us know what they say.
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    I hope their other products are better...

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    I agree with Topher... give them a ring. I have never received anything from them that far off roast.



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