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    Obtaining the Optimal Light Roast Espresso Shot. HELP!

    Hello Espresso Connoisseurs,

    I have been trying to figure out how to pull a nice Ethiopia Espresso Shot for some time now with little success. My aim here is to achieve a sweet and bright cup of one sense, it'd be nice to achieve an over the top, in your face, bright cup of espresso that would need to be toned down rather than the other way around.

    How are you pulling your shots of Ethiopia, Kenya, or other light roast coffees? How are you roasting these coffees?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Are these coffees not too acidic to be used as a single origin espresso ?

    the only one I have ever tasted that was good was a blend of many roasts of the origin

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    In order to make a good espresso, you basically HAVE to use a dark roast coffee. The entire body and structure of espresso comes from the fact that oils are released during the later stages of the roasting process. These oils are what produces the crema, and what makes espresso....well...espresso. When you light roast a coffee, the beans do not expand to their full capacity (up to double in size for a dark roast) so the flow characteristics of the puck are much different than a normal espresso roast.
    The best espresso is actually not even made from arabica beans, but rather robusta beans. Most of the best quality robusta beans in the world are sent to Italy to make their espresso, and the Italians know espresso.
    Having said that, I won't say you can not make a good cup of espresso with a light roast, but I would suggest trying a drip style cold brew technique. I love my cold brew concentrate. I was a hardcore espresso man, and now I'm all cold brew. Happy brewing!
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    I think we will just agree to disagree. Have you ever seen the Lavazza espresso? It is light roast and kicks out loads of crema. Robusta coffee will boost your crema. The reason I roast my espresso dark for my stores is so it shines through the milk and other stuff they pour into the cup. I personally enjoy a lighter roast espresso...but I do not use milk or sugar. I love bright coffees.
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    Yes I agree! I really do love the bright espresso shots and have in the past been able to achieve a very nice macchiato. Any thoughts as far as roasting for espresso goes? If I am looking for a bright espresso, are there any basic tips to try on the roasting side of things?



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