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Thread: Flavored Coffee

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    Flavored Coffee

    Good Afternoon Java Nuts,

    Quick Question, I am a Med-Dark, Dark Bean drinker but every once in a while I usually like nut flavored
    coffees..... (like Pecan for instance) What I don't like is a coffee that has that added Extract Flavor..... Does anyone have a favorite
    flavored coffee that taste like it was roasted with a flavor instead of it tasting like it is an added chemical?

    Thanks, for your input.....

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    Personally I do not like flavored coffee. I can say that our more unusual flavors sell more than the traditional flavored coffees. Our most popular flavored coffees are Morning Wood(horny goat weed added) Drunken Pig(bourbon and bacon) and Chicken and Waffles.
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
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    I've put some roasted hazel nuts through my coffee grinder and used the grind in my espresso machine before with interesting results.

    Maybe try pulling a shot of espresso and then pulling a shot of ground roasted pecan nuts into the same cup? (The nuts must be roasted though, before you put them through your grinder.)

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    Some roasters use Chemicals and some use natural ingredients and some refuse to share their roasting process, you need to ask your roaster.

    Catherine Marie's uses DaVinci or Hershey’s syrups and natural spices and flavors.
    Step 1: Roast coffee.
    Step 2. Degauss for 24-48 hrs.
    Step 3: Put roasted beans into a 50-gallon barrel, add natural spices and flavors.
    Step 4: Open and stir 3 times per day, most flavors are ready in 3-7 days, some of our flavors take up to 10 weeks to mature.
    Some of our flavors have nuts in them, for example swiss chocolate almond, this coffee is mixed with Hershey’s Swiss Chocolate Syrup and fresh slivered almonds. Now don’t get me wrong, Blueberry Cobbler or Butter Cookie are huge sellers here in Ohio but there is no way to make that without artificial flavoring. On the other hand there is a massive difference between Flavored Syrups and Spray on Chemical Flavoring, the chemical flavoring has a chemical taste in my opinion.
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