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    Green Expresso beans to purchase?

    I have a super automatic espresso machine. I've decided to start purchasing my own green beans and having problems finding a variety of espresso beans to buy.

    Any recommendations on where to buy green espresso beans?

    I guess another debate would be do I need espresso beans for my espresso machine? Seems to be a debate whether there is a difference in the bean but from what I read espresso beans can withstand more pressure but not confident in that answer.

    so I find it difficult to find the green espresso beans to purchase with many options.

    Thank u

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    same bean just different roasting style. I use the same bean for espresso as pour over. just different grind
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    Thank you, I think I understand now.

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    There's no such thing as 'espresso beans' as any coffee can be used for any brew/extraction method. Just that some coffees are better suited for espresso or French press or whatever...Espresso is extracted under pressure and that magnifies any flaws in the coffee as well as magnifying any particular coffee/roast note present. I'd recommend a typical green blend most green sellers offer and roast to around full city to give good all-around taste, body, etc. Much darker and you bring oils to the surface, which isn't good for super auto grinding mechanisms.
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