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    Quote Originally Posted by WhyCoffee View Post
    A little bit history about French roast:

    Roasted coffee was sent over to the French colonies in the south but would often be oxidized or get wet and mold on the way over. Re-roasting the coffee allowed the coffee to be used, the darker roast removing the tainted flavor and breathing a bit of life back into the coffee. A lot of roasters today still re-roast coffee that is nearing the end of its shelf life to avoid the loss.
    French wasn't because Europeans liked darker coffee so much as it was Americans trying to recoup losses. The coffee they were running through a second time was French.

    So just like French fries, French roast has nothing to do with France!
    Very interesting, no wonder my lungs were shutting down from a closed bag, placed in side a cabinet and from 15 feet away!!

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    may be fully burn coffee callled roasted


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