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    I already had a Food Saver vacuum system, can't do any better than it. Talk about locking in freshness! If I had more bean than I could use within 6 weeks or longer I have placed the vacuum sealed bags into the freezer. Letting the sealed bag sit on counter top over night before opening. Cold or cool beans will condense moisture from air on bean surface if not allowed to rise to room temperature.

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    I keep the coffee in its original package with a valve in a dark place. I buy it freshly toasted and I consume it within the first month. That guarantees the best results.

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    avaoid to get wet that beans then you can easily store that for long time

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    Yeah, freezer is not recommended because the gases inside sometimes mix up if the container used is not a vacuum one. Also the smell of other things mix up inside.
    The most proper format of storing coffee beans are vacuum sealed containers and there are special containers for that. Here are few great ones to consider!


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