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    Online Coffee Roasters

    Hey guys! Iíve been getting my beans from Atlas Coffee and Volcanica, which Iíve been pretty happy with. I saw Volcanica advertising Jamaican Blue Mountain beans which sell for around $80. Has anyone tried this? I normally wouldnít spend that much but Iím curious.

    Also, can anyone recommend any other online roasters worth trying?

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    Personally, I wouldn't pay $80 for any coffee. Now I have paid up to $40 for a small amount of Gesha coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain is expensive because of scarcity (and the 'legacy' of good coffee) primarily, not necessarily quality.

    This is my website: . The Sumatra is a fresh crop arrival, just hit the port two weeks ago, delicious stuff!
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    Jamaican Blue Mountain is good coffee but not at all worth what they ask for it. I would NEVER spend that much on a coffee.

    You can get many coffees that will be just as good or better for much less.



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