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    Why do they say denomination of origin c. are for begginers?

    Maybe is because they are more difficult to find ? More expensive ?
    I believe is because it cost less to make a blend with many good and cheap coffees to reduce the price?
    The mayority of the coffee companys are dedicated to sell you the least good beans without harming the flavor .
    So do you think a coffee from one area, one unique microclimate and unique diversification in soils in the whole world is for the people who dont now about coffee ?
    The recognition of caracteristics of coffees of different regions, comes from a mixture of cuping and reading .What makes a Kenya AA , a Kenya AA ?? what traces of flavors a present in that coffee ??
    What makes a Carribean coffee good?? what are the caracteristics ?
    In that soft tones of sigle origin coffes you find the more espectacular different traces of flavors in their full expression, because of their purity, that only the ones whith experience can recognize.
    For the peolple who are interested in the history of coffee , please read the history of the coffee of Ciales Puerto Rico beautiful and impresive.



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