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    newbie suggests espresso beans from

    a small private family owned company Cafe' D'arte.
    I have been buying their beans for several years. They are friendly and have a syrup supply and sell espresso machines and provide training too.
    I had one time planned to have my own espresso stand. Financial difficulties prevented that from happening. I just buy espresso beans and drink only that kind.
    I might buy from that large competitor but only if I am desperate and can't find a stand to sell me a cup.
    That means I have to make my own espresso at home. I prefer it that way because I drink mostly iced vanilla latte even in the winter. Except now, it is too cold for me so I must drink hot vanilla latte! brrr !
    Anyone else buy from a private small company?

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    The Bean Collection

    I purchased coffee for years from a private small company in Seattle - The Bean Collection before becoming a stay-at-home mom and offering my services to update their website.
    I can offer you a first time customer discount on my site.
    Sabranie Coyne
    Directory of ECommerce
    The Bean Collection

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    I thought this was a spam free zone...sorry I have read your last posts..not trying to be a jerk....I have been "hanging" around here for some time...and not once have I pushed my just that you know...there is a place to promote your company at the end of the different catagories....oh well good luck with your company...and by the way what brand and size roaster are you guys using?
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
    Ken Hutchinson, Starsky and Hutch

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    Cafe' hardly small........really I'm in direct cometition with them. And I know my competition.. I on the other hand am truly a pico roaster that hand craft roasts real good coffee.
    Ciao, Baby! Di Crema is rising!



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