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    Question: The Best Low Acidic Coffee??

    I need to start drinking some coffee with low acidity. What would you suggest I do. Maybe adding something to the coffee can decrease the acidity, or a certain coffee type has low levels. Coffee tamer is not available in my area so I need something else???????????/

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    Try Kona...expensive but low in acidity...good stuff
    Also try some Java estates...
    Good luck...
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    Espresso blend tend to have low acidity, so drink espresso, cappuccino or latte. You can use robusta-free espresso blend for dripped or pressed coffee as well. Other than that, there are a few things to look for. Lower grow coffee tend to have lower acidity. Pulp natural process and natural dry process also have less acidity. By country, try Brazil, and Indonesia such as Sumatra, Sulawesi.
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    Try cold brewing. It purports to have less acidity.

    Toddy is the brand name:

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    A light roast has less acidic impact on your gastic tract.
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    making a toddy

    I agree with DNRobert. The cold brewing process makes wonderfully smooth, mellow, but full tasting cold coffee. It is best for Iced Coffee and not as good when heated afterwards. It absolutely has less acidity for your digestive tract. This is different from the acidity we speak of in terms of flavors of the different varietals of beans. In terms of taste it is a matter of personal preference but I think the cold process, or toddy brewing, makes great iced coffee.

    You can experiment with it at home with no special equipment. Just use a large plastic rubbermaid container and use about 1 pound of coarse ground beans of your choice to a gallon of water. (I halve this) Dump the coffee in the water, stir and cover it. Let stand 18-24 hours, to taste, then strain out the grounds with any filter available. The metal mesh ones that often come with drip coffeemakers work well. The finer the filtration, the less like pressed coffee it becomes. I like a little body in mine so I use a regular metal strainer. I use 2 parts of this concentrate to one part water and also add ice. Just my ideas in case you are feeling like playing with new stuff. Good Luck!
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