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    medium quality bean

    Can anyone recommend a quality average bean that you can use in a drive thru day after day with quality results. I realize there is a wide swing in prices and qualities, however for day to day use, what do you recommend.

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    You should discuss this topic with your roaster and have him or her recommend coffees for your business that meet your desired flavor profile.

    Depending on your intended use (brewed, pressed or extracted as espresso, for example), there are practically unlimited possibilities of origins, blends and roast profiles here and only your palette can ultimately determine the best choice for you.

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    If you only serve 1 type of single-origin coffee to all your clients all day long, I'd probably go with the tried and true "colombian supremo".

    It's not my best seller, but that's because people have the ability to choose on my site.

    If there was no choice, and you go to a drive through and say "large please" - I'd go colombian or if you were going with a blend I'd go with a brazilian/colombian blend.

    It's a tough question without more facts.



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