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    Have anyone know or ever been thailand coffee bean?

    Have anyone know or ever been thailand coffee bean , How do you think ? Thank

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    Hello Zan, hes been fortunate enough to visit the growing areas in Thailand on a number of occasions. Quite difficult to compare the Thai Arabicas with those I am used to in Indonesia. I found a lot of the growers I visited in Thailand were constricted by a number of limitations in their attempts to process the cherries into green beans. Overall the Thai Arabicas I tried were pleasant, but for me not really outstanding coffees. I think the Thai gvt is currently looking at help educate the growers on processing systems and are even looking at helping encourage small hold initiatives through soft-loans. That is good, especially as like in Indonesia, most growers are village based or at the most multi-village coops.

    BTW one of your Thai coffee franchise systems- Black Canyon Coffee- is doing pretty well here. They have opened 3 stores in Bali and looking at an aggressive expansion plan here.
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    CoffeeVeryGood Mashed Thailand Traditional Roasted Coffee Beans(Very Dark)

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    In thailand we have premium quality coffee . For instant Doi Tung coffee from the royal family inself .

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    Check out this article on Doi Chaang coffee - magazine (dot) coffeetalk (dot) com/february12-doichaang/



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