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    A new bean for the coffee snob in me

    I'm looking for Coffee. I just finished my Nicaraguan Single origin. It was called Muse and was from a shop that recently closed I would have to say that this was probably the best coffee I've ever had.

    A note; my friend owned the shop and one day we had a taste test day, the roaster sent us a few samples of beans and we tasted them all in espresso. Tere were 3 of us there to do so, this was a great time. If I ever own a coffee shop I'm going to have tasting parties.

    This time I want something darker. So with all the choices out there I have come up with a coffee litmus. You could say this is an almost idealistic bean with the following characteristics.

    Fair Trade
    Single Origin
    Vienna (continintal) Roast
    Strong Tasting
    Flavorful, should have good undertones when prepared in a french press.
    Tastes Good, This is the hardest thing to choose when buying coffee online. I like to smell the beans.
    Avail Online in 1/lb or 1lb orders in whole bean or ground
    Not to expensive



    One day I'll have to make my own roast,,,,,,
    mmm espresso

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    coffee quests

    give us a try...we may have been the fincas providing the nicaraguan you last had.

    let me know what you think. I just started working for them and I think its great stuff. Don't drink alot of drip having been a barista for about 15 years but it is very flavorful...pure flavor with suprisingly little acid
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