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    Brewing Turkish Grind in a Drip Machine...?

    I''ve just made some coffee in a drip machine. I am wondering if anyone else has done this. It actually tastes quite good, if a little light, though the coffee is advertised as light. Does anyone have any suggestions or reccomendations as to whether i should continue doing this or just brew it classically in a pot.


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    Brewing very finely ground coffee, such as coffee intended for Turkish coffee preparation, will cause overextraction of the coffee -- exposing too great a surface area of the coffee particles to water. The resulting beverage will be bitter from the acids and other chemical compounds that are pulled out by the water; chemicals which otherwise are intended to stay with the coffee.

    I suggest that you should prepare Turkish coffee as it is intended, such as the method shown here:

    Alternatively, use a more coarse ground for proper extract during drip brew. You can experiment with brew volumes and grind settings to find the best balance.

    Good luck,




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