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    Vacuum Seal vs. Coffee

    Hey I have one of those vacuum sealing machines. Little plastic bags you can stick food in and the machine sucks all the air out and melts the plastic closed.

    I bought some freshly roasted coffe, made just that day, and selaed them up. The bag shrunk down so toghtly against the whole beans in the bag that it made it like a little brick, very stiff because they was no lose room inside the bag. They stayed that way in my veggie drawer of my fridge until last night. Now the are lose, almost like the bags had a leak. I am wondering is it my machine or the coffee doiong something funky.

    So my question is does coffee do something to losen a tight vacuum seal? Emmit gas, shrink or change in some way to cause this?


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    You got it!

    After roasting, coffee emits carbon dioxide (CO2).



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